Certified and experienced

We are not general business entrepreneurs who decided to get into the technology game because it is a hot market; we have the technical know-how and experience to solve your real-world technology and security problems. QPC Security is one of the top 10 WatchGuard Network Architects in the Western Hemisphere and we rely on our expertise and reputation to communicate our value to prospective clients. Whatever your network security problem is, we can help you solve it.

Spotless Track Record

Our President and CEO Felicia King is considered to be one of the top network layer and cybersecurity strategists in the country and we have been one of WatchGuard’s top technical partners in the United States since 2009. 

We have completed over 300 full network projects which have included entire network redesign and implementation of proper security and performance optimization at every layer. We also have 25+ years of experience in environments from 1 user to 13,000 users and we have NEVER had a full-service client suffer from a successful data breach or cyber‑attack.

We Empower You

“Deliberate omissions” have become the common approach for many IT service providers when it comes to discussing security solutions with their clients. Perhaps it is because they don’t feel that you, as the business owner, have a desire or the time to understand the technical decisions being made for your company. It could also be that they don’t know how to get out of the “geek speak” mindset so it is just easier and quicker to omit versus discuss. The problem is that you have to know what is being omitted before you can detect it, and the truth is that most people don’t spend enough time, if any, pursuing alternative information sources.

At QPC Security, we take the education of our clients very seriously. We believe that clients must be informed decision-makers. They cannot do that if topics are "dumbed down" or omitted. We know that sometimes clients can feel overwhelmed by the complexity of the items they need to be aware of. We also know that over time, that problem ceases to exist. We accomplish this educational process by regularly meeting with clients and being their proactive risk management business partner.

Giving Back

QPC Security believes that corporate entities can play a vital role in fostering sustainable change within the local community. By allocating resources and expertise, companies can address pressing social and environmental issues and create a lasting positive impact. With the intention of becoming catalysts for meaningful change and agents of progress within our local community, we have partnered with Gateway Technical College (Kenosha, WI). QPC / Felicia is a program advisor to their information technology programs. Felicia has had a relationship with GTC since 2004 when she started doing the Breakfast Bytes radio show on WGTD. Recently, QPC donated approximately 100 PCs and a PowerEdge server to the GTC IT program for student learning.