What is a Qualified Technology Executive, and Why Does Your Company Need One?

 The following webinar uses an example of browser hardening an example to understand why a technology executive is required. This is not a technical webinar for technical people. It is a webinar for business decision-makers to understand why they need a technology executive to enable real risk reduction.

Felicia King, CISO and president of QPC Security, and Zach Kromkowski of Senteon talk about what a qualified technology executive is, why they require policy-making authority, and why every company needs one in their meetings to counter the propaganda and lies coming from people who think they know technology. They go on to talk about browser and tenant hardening and why it is necessary for every company to take this step to help protect their company from cyber-attacks.

Listen to a supporting podcast on operational maturity here: https://qpcsecurity.podbean.com/e/operational-maturity-practical-example/

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